Made with love from Bali


Radiant Heart Cacao

relaxt, open and connected


Using 100% raw cacao has been a total game changer: I feel more relaxed, open en connected with my heart.

Koen Vloet

journaling, meditation and dancing


This cacao is perfect for journaling, meditation and dancing!

Iris Kaspers

soft and supporting


Although it is 100% pure cacao, it is not bitter at all. It is so soft and supporting at each moment of the day!

Kimberley Bruens

100% raw pure cacao

This cacao is made in Bali by a local farm (with CACAMO we are supporting 28 Balinese families). 

You can use the 100% pure cacao paste for daily use (like drinking your morning coffee) or for special occasions and cacao ceremonies. 

100% pure cacao contains a lot of amazing nutricients like magnesium and anti-oxidants (20 times more then blueberries!).

It soften your muscles, connective tissues and opens your hear! 

Ready to experience 100% pure cacao? Order your package of 120 gram (good for 3 to 4 portions), 500 gram or 1 kilo below.