6 reasons why you should start playing guitar and inspire with your healing songs

Did you ever dream to play an instrument, sing or perform and inspire other with your words, with your sounds, with your music?

Did you ever feel the drive to connect with music on a deeper level and let music channel through you?

Did you ever want to help other people in their healing process in ceremony and use a simple but amazing tool, called music?

Then this might be for you…

This article is about reasons why you should not postpone anymore your start into your music career and invest now and how you can make a serious impact with this in a short term.
Playing guitar is one of these hobbies  which seem or even are hard to master, but also easy to start with

However, there is so much more to this instrument that is often overlooked. 

That’s why we add for you the top 6 reasons as a reminder and motivation, why also you should or can learn the guitar.

1. Become Smarter

It is really proven that your brain makes new neural connections when you start learning how to play guitar or any other instrument. This effect is much more apparent if the subject started learning guitar when they were a kid. In fact, children, who start learning to play guitar at a young age, are later much more capable of solving complex problems and finding solutions to complex situations.

On top of the hard connections in your brain, you also develop your muscle memory in general. Let’s not forget that playing guitar includes a lot of fine motor skills which are crucial to a good performance and technique. 

2. Playing guitar helps to Focus

Playing guitar does a great deal of benefit to your ability to focus. Have you ever found it difficult to really focus on something? Loss of attention, and all that stuff? Well, playing guitar significantly helps with that issue. Even the simplest things such as just playing a chord without false notes can require a whole lot of focus in the beginning.

The best thing is, this feeling rarely ever goes away. Once you master one thing and feel like you can do it in your sleep, there will always be other techniques that will require that same amount of focus. Even though it might seem pretty simple, just focusing on something to that extent is a skill that takes an effort to develop.

3. Sharpen your senses

Connecting with music does not just sound good, it also feels good. Sitting at home practicing those few chords may sound alright, and you will probably feel a sense of accomplishment. That is all fine. However, the moment you get into that studio or on stage for the first time, where you are not playing alone, everything changes.

That first band practice session probably won’t be perfect as it will be your first time and that is perfectly normal. The thing is, in one moment all of you are going to sync in. That feeling is going to leave you hooked for life. It can create an ecstatic state that is kind of unique, can’t be recreated and is better than any other substance.

4. The healing factor

Not just with playing guitar, but with music in general you are able to touch people’s hearts, bodies and tune into their system, frequencies, emotions. And not that you are able just to touch them, you can actually CHANGE them. 

Mantras, singing them over and over manifesting like an affirmation changes inside of you on a subconscious level. Medicine songs can heal with lyrics and melodies and touch and open your heart. 

That is a beautiful gift, if you chose to play music intentionally for a cause and reason and give people the space to receive your music.

Important is to find your voice, your sound and music style to transmit and channel your gifts.

5. You Can Make It Your Profession 

Imagine being able to live comfortably from playing guitar, hosting your own kirtans or(cacao) ceremonies where you let music be an important part of it. How awesome would that be?  There is a whole spectrum of ways you can make a decent living from playing music even if you not become a rock star.

As a guitar player, ceremony host or kirtan leader, you can become a session musician, jumping in for various bands and events when necessary. On the other hand, you can write songs for a living and sell those songs to various performers, you can give guitar lessons, host sound healings, singing circles, kirtans or offer guitar music to musicians and portals as a freelancer service. There are just so many avenues of approach that you can take and still make good money at the end of the day.

6. Meet new Friends & community

Playing in a music group is much more than just sharing a stage with a bunch of strangers. This group of people can easily become the best friends you will have. 

Depending on how far you go with your music, you will probably go through so much stuff together that the bond between you will be extremely hard to break. Also the peer group that you attract might become friends and family. You are going to build a center around your activities, events and music.

Even if you don’t make best friends for life, you are bound to meet a lot of great people who share the same interests as you do.


If you want to learn more about how to start playing guitar and dive deeper in the philosophy of mantras Kirtags and medicine songs, we offer a 6-week course online, where you are able to learn guitar while connecting with the healing power of music.