Basically, our 100% pure ceremonial raw chocolate is made uniquely to save all these valuable ingredients. The final product can be beans, paste, powder or nibs. 

So there are different possibilities you can enjoy 100% pure chocolate. There are many meals, bowls, drinks, soups and a lot more, in which you can integrate raw cacao easily. 

You want to try 100% pure cacao, but you don’t know where to order? Have a look at our shop and order online. Once you tried and involved it in your daily routines, you will recognize the difference and what it does to your body and soul in a super positive way. Because in case you didn’t know, pure cacao only contains a ton of healthy nutritions, you won’t find that easy in comparable food.

So let’s dive a little deeper into the final variations of cacao.

The beans are the foundation of cacao. A raw cacao bean is dried and fermented. 
You can consume the beans as a snack. It’s an extraordinary taste and different from normal chocolate, because the ingredients are pure, originally and with 0 % sugar or industrial influence. So what you taste is pureness and how a cacao bean should taste on its origin handmade.

The cacao bars can be made out of the cacao beans. And as mentioned, you can also eat them as a snack. There are many meals you can integrate the 100% cacao bean. Ranging from sweet to salty, from lunch to dessert etc. 
Can you imagine having chilli with pure cacao or a super spicy cacao sauce? 
Have a look at our upcoming recipes, and we will show you how to do recipes like that.


Nibs are made out of the cacao beans. The beans are crushed and what you get are the nibs. These raw nibs got a bitter chocolate flavour. You can snack them daily, because – like all the other cacao products – they are full of magnesium, ideal for the metabolism and also hypotensive.
If you are a “late-night-snacker” those nibs are perfect for you, because they don’t include sugar, milk or other additives.

It’s 100% pure, original and super healthy.

For sure, you can also refine your bowl, yoghurt, cereal with it. In the end it can be used in many ways, and you can try it with everything you like to try it. 


Powder is self-explanatory. But you have to know, that at first the butter has been removed and the powder results of the pure dried and milled cacao. Instead of nibs, you get powder out of the cacao bean. 
You can use the cacao powder in many ways. For cooking, baking or in top of a drink. 
There are no limits. We only show you some examples you can use the powder for. 
Why not use it in your chilli or in your smoothie? If you want to have more inspirations on how to integrate 100% pure cacao in your meals, drinks etc. have a look at our different recipes


Last but not least, we will show you the cacao paste. Of course, it is 100 % pure like the other ones. The production of the paste happens by grinding. The kernels of chocolate are roasted and deprived. It is also very special, because the paste contains the super valuable butter. 
You can have a hot cacao drink out of the paste or other drink variations. Have a look at our variable drinks out of 100% pure cacao paste.