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Cacao Ceremonies

Open your heart with our
cacao ceremonies

Make the shift

  • From thinking to feeling.
  • From tension to relaxation.
  • From chaos to peacefulness.
  • From insecurity to self-confidence.

If you...

  • are longing for a community where you can just be YOURSELF.
  • notice that you need more time for yourself – more time for relaxation and to reconnect with your heart? 
  •  are feeling out of balance, and experiencing difficulties in feeling your emotions and/or having restless nights?
  • Are not sure which direction you want to go in life.

Join our Sunday Tribe

Join us each Sunday morning with a unique cacao ceremony. A moment of reconnection for yourself. 

You can sign up for one ceremony (14 euro) or for the whole month (for 28 euro for a monthly pass). 

You are welcome to join with cacao or just with a cup of tea.

You will receive all practical information (ZOOM link, how to make cacao, where to get cacao and all other things you need to know) within 5 minutes in your email after you signed up. 

What is a cacao ceremony?

During a cacao ceremony you will drink 100% pure cacao (you are also welcome to join with a cup of tea). Because of the high amounts of minerals like magnesium and antioxidants it will make your body relax and it will open your heart. The layers you have put (un)consciously around your heart to protect yourself will be slowly removed. 

Participants share that they feel more connected to themselves, are more able to feel what is truly important for them and to open themselves more up. 

During some ceremonies the cacao will support you on an inwards journey with a meditation, journalling and receiving insights about your life and decisions. Other moments it is supporting you to move your energy with dancing, singing and breathing. 

Pick your favourite below or try them all! 

agenda JuLY And August - Online ceremonies



I feel so grateful, open and relax.

heart journey meditation by koen & Lisa

In this ceremonie you will receive the guidance to drop even deeper into your heart. To realize that everything is possible and at the same time you might also realize to live from your heart you also need to make some more difficult decisions.
Connect with your heart, your soul and your divine state of awareness through this Heart Journey Meditation.

Date: Sunday 8th of August

Time: 10.30 am CET (Amsterdam/Berlin time) – 12.00 pm 

Cost: 14 euro

About Koen & Lisa: Koen is one of the most loving man we know: loving, warm, big heart and funny too! He will ask you the questions which will make you think and feel into your truth. He will support your journey by his special Heart Journey Meditation. Lisa will support the cacao ceremony with her handpan. That sound is truly magic! 

You will receive all the practical information (ZOOM link, how to make cacao etc.) in the email after registration. 

Let go of emotions


This was EXACTLY what I needed to let go of my emotions.

Cacao & Sun Hatha Yoga with Inner Light Yoga Nidra  With Larissa

This yoga practice will help you to focus on and find your inner light. In this class we will practice the Suryanamaskara, also known as the sun salutation. To stay more in contact (after drinking cacao) with your heart Larissa will show you how to practice this fire element routine while laying down. After the yoga practice Larissa will guide a Yoga Nidra session which helps you to connect with your inner light.

Date: Sunday 22th of August

Time: 10.30 am CET (Amsterdam/Berlin time) – 12.30 pm 

Cost: 14 euro (or monthly pass of 28 euro’s for 4 ceremonies)

About Larissa: Larissa is known for her soft and beautiful present Hatha and Yoga Nidra classes. This Sunday she will guide you in a beautiful cacao ceremony to reconnect yourself again with your heart and with your body. 


You will receive all the practical information (ZOOM link, how to make cacao etc.) in the email after registration. 

Alive, connected & powerful


Alive, connected and powerful is how I would describe these ceremonies.

join one of the ceremonies

or get your full JuLY and august pass for only 28 euro

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