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Cacao Course


Are you amazed by the power of this subtle soft medicine?
Do you want to know everything about cacao?
Are you ready for a heart opening journey?
Do you feel the call to share the magic of cacao and ceremony with the people around you? 


online cacao ceremony course


1. Complete the course in your own pace

You can study and practice online, whenever and wherever you like. We only ask you to commit to finish the course within 1 year. 

Most students finish our training within 12-16 weeks, spending 3-4 hours a week.  You only need reliable internet and a few people around you, who you can practice with your cacao ceremony assignments.  

You can go over all the sections in your preferred order. Revisit sections to get a deeper understanding, and jump to sections that inspire you at a given moment.  

2. Learn it in your own environment

By doing it online, you save time and money for logistics, spaces and travel. Just grab your laptop, make yourself a wonderful cup of cacao, lighten some incense and get started! 

With the additional course manual for download, you will be able to work everywhere – in the train, in the garden, while traveling or at home  – and you have something to fall back on. 

3. Ready to hold your own ceremonies at the end of the course

You will be guided step by step. By the end of the course you are more than ready to host your own ceremonies.

By practising in your own environment, you will be able to integrate what you have learned and start hosting ceremonies very quickly. We will guide you into being ready to host groups, so it is not just a theoretical course at all. 


Our Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Course starts on 

21. SEPTEMBER 2021

Apply now to save your spot. 




This cacao ceremony course is for you, if…






This course sets you up to know everything about cacao and ceremonies: 

You will learn 

>> about the history of cacao ceremony and the process “from the cacao plant to the final cacao paste or powder” 

>> about how to be a space holder and how to structure a ceremony

>> about music playlists, alternative cacao suppliers in addition to CACAMO, how to set up a magical ceremony space,  about using your own unique talents into the ceremony and how to how to set up your own business strategy.

And much more! 

1. What is cacao & how to make it?

You will learn everything about cacao and about the cacao plant itself, the differences between cacao beans, cacao paste and cacao powder, what it does on a physical and energetical level and the history of cacao ceremonies. 

Step by step you will be guided in how to make your own cacao for ceremonies and learn different varieties to make it. 

2. How to hold a cacao ceremony? 

You will be set up with all the things you need to know about how to structure your ceremony, like opening the space, introducing cacao, serving the cacao, and closing the ceremony.

And you will learn the most important things about choosing a location for the ceremony and  how to set up the space. 

3. Ways to hold your own cacao ceremony.

You will learn important elements for the ceremony which you can blend in based on your personal talents, like exercises, music, yoga or breathwork. 

You will learn how to hold space by being your authentic self, and receive lots of further guidance to improve your ceremonies. 

You will also receive a blueprint of how you can set-up your cacao ceremony as a business, both offline and/or online.



This course will teach you effective all you need to know to hold your ceremony.
All the information is sorted out for you and presented in an optimal way: either by a video presentation, a written manual, or by interacting with other students in order to exchange insights. 


1. Online platform 

You are guided step by step through the course by the online platform. Each section will teach you a different thing about cacao (ceremonies): by video, by presentation, by text and by different assignments.   

2. Manual

In the manual you can find the most important things, structured in the order of the course included all checklist, recipes and extra forms.

3. Other students

To connect with other students to get inspired, to give help and ask help, to motivatie each others, to do your assignments together and finding learning buddies who might turn into new friends (happend already many times!).


Answer the call to spread the magic of cacao and join us now. 

1. Follow your intuition
You are here for a reason. Don’t waste any time to share your unique talents with the people around you. The time is now. 

2. Step up as a spaceholder
The world needs you. The world need more softness, more openess, more love, more freedom.

 3. We are ready for you!
We are ready to guide you to the fullest. To prepare you for being that cacao spaceholder, to find a way to integrate your talents (your being, your voice, your music, your…) into the world of cacao. 

Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training - 3 months payment

12 weeks online course (you can take a year to finish it at your own pace)
  • 11 modules with videos
  • Manual 100+ pages
  • 50 hours of content
  • 2 LIVE Q&A Calls
  • Join all online Cacao Ceremonies for 2 months for free
  • Once you finished the course your own cacao ceremonies will be published on our website too
Early Bird

Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training - full payment

12 weeks online course (you can take a year to finish it at your own pace)
  • 11 modules with videos
  • Manual 100+ pages
  • 50 hours of content
  • 2 LIVE Q&A Calls
  • Join all online Cacao Ceremonies for 2 months for free
  • Once you finished the course your cacao ceremonies will be published on our website too
Early Bird


The course consist of 11 sections filled with written manuals, guiding videos, assignments and tests, allowing you to monitor your own progress. The 11 sections are: (1) Introduction, (2) History of Cacao, (3) What is Cacao?, (4) How to make Cacao, (5) Spaceholding, (6) Basic Structure of a Ceremony, (7) Location & Setting up the Space, (8) Music in Ceremony, (9) Elements and variations for ceremony, (10) Blueprint: how to setup a Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Business, (11): How to hold Cacao Ceremonies Online

We are noticing that people need connection, community and love now more than ever. Each Sunday morning and with Full and New Moon we are holding online cacao ceremonies and people love hem a lot.  So don’t be afraid to start hosting ceremonies online or in small groups, before going big. 

Each section will take around 4 to 4,5 hours including the assignments. So in total you will spend around 50 hours on this course. In general students finish the course between 12 and 16 weeks. But know you can decide your own pace: you could complete the course in 1 week or a year. Whatever suits your lifestyle.

We will decide the final dates with the group (so we can make sure that everyone can be there). 

For now it will be:
– Tuesday 21st of September 10 am – 11 am Amsterdam/Berlin Time – Kick-off
– Friday 22nd of October 10 am – 11 am Amsterdam/Berlin time – Q&A Session 1
– Friday 19th of November 10 am – 11 am Amsterdam/Berlin time – Q&A Session 2
– Sunday 12th of December 10.30 – 12.30 online Cacao Ceremony by the group of students

The course is accessible for everyone. Until now we have seen that most of our students are:
– yoga teachers who want to combine the cacao with yoga in a workshop
– personal development freaks <3
– cacao lovers
– mantra singers (cacao & singing is such a beautiful combination!)
– retreat facilitators looking to add a special ceremony into their program

You can pay by Paypal, Creditcard or IDEAL. And you can pay in 1 term or in 3 terms.

You will receive automatically an invoice with VAT so you can mark the course as a company expense for tax purposes. 

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