ceremony and ritual


When we are talking about ceremonies, the term rituals often comes up as well. Many of us think a ritual and a ceremony mainly describe the same, but they don’t. There is a small but subtle difference between both of them. In the following blog post we will explain to you the meanings of each term. After that you may also understand why we talk about a cacao ceremony and not a ritual.

First of all let’s clarify the term “ritual”

Broadly spoken, a ritual is an action which will be repeated over and over in a consistent way. Unlike habits we all have integrated in our daily lives, rituals are meant to have a positive impact for you and your inner peace of mind. They bring inner peace, support and stability. In order we can center ourselves and gain strength for our everyday life.

For closer understanding here’s a little example:

If you get up every morning and put on your bathrobe first, brush your teeth and then do your hair, it’s more a habit than a ritual. On the other hand, if you go sit down on the terrace with a cup of raw cacao after getting up in the morning, spend 20 minutes enjoying nature and breathe in morning air while listening to the wind and birds around you, it is a ritual. By performing rituals like this, you become more focused and rational to manage your everydays life.


your cup of cacao in the morning

ceremony or ritual?

However, a ceremony is a festive act. It follows a set order or a rite* which usually has a symbolic nature, such as a wedding or a welcoming ceremony at state receptions. It is usually performed with a certain intention to request a specific result. In many cases it is also built on one or more rituals. But even if it is repeated now and then, a ceremony will never become a ritual. Even though one and the same person repeats it.

A ceremony always stays a ceremony

While a ceremony always stays a ceremony, an everyday ritual on the other hand can transform into a ceremony. You just need to attach a larger ceremonial value to the action and celebrate your ritual as a feast. For example: If we shape our morning ritual more festive by making preparations, drumming on a pow wow in the beginning. And if we also do it for a special reason on a specific day – such as the first morning after new moon to thank nature for it’s beauty – our morning ritual becomes a ceremony.

In conclusion to all of that, you can say that rituals and ceremonies have an important healing function for each one of us but also for society. That is why it is so important to integrate them in our lives.

                            *A rite essentially describes a settled order of performing mostly ceremonial or religious actions. They fall into three major categories: rites of passage, communal rites and rites of personal devotion.

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Health benefits of raw cacao


Everything in you is turned on to have a spiritual cacao ceremony. Beyond the preparation the most important question is, where is the right place for your ceremony?


But first, let’s get deeper into the ceremony itself. A cacao ceremony is, for sure, all about cacao. That’s a main, but not the only thing of it. Because of the 100% pure cacao your mind and your body will be relaxed. That’s because of the high amount of minerals. So, during a cacao ceremony you will lose your inner wall and open your heart.

What you do during a cacao ceremony?

The ceremony will lead you into your inner self and releases barricades. So, it is the perfect chance to bound with your inner self and during journaling, meditation, dancing, singing and conscious breathing and drinking raw cacao.

This is what a ceremony looks like, but to really feel the community and the spirit join one of our ceremonies or courses and dive into the power of raw chocolate.


The right place for your ceremony


You can notice a few points to get the right place for your ceremony.

Fundamentally there are no special regulations, so that your right place has to look like a fixed scheme. Every place can be as individual as the human being.

There are just a few tips, how you can create and inspire your place for the ceremony.


At home:

For example, in our further article, we wrote down how you can create your own sacred cacao ceremony at home.

ceremony and ritual

In the article, we focus on calmness to create enough space for your feelings, your thoughts and your own space. It is important, that you can’t be disturbed during your ceremony. 

Take everything you love to the place. Everything, that opens your heart. From your favorite objects to your favorite scent.


You can have this ceremony only with yourself or with people around you.


Here are some inspirations, where you can find your right place for your ceremony:

       Nature! If the nature makes you feel whole, let the forest, the rivers, water be your special sacred place

       Temples/ churches! Do you feel best in a temple or a church, reach out for it.

       Yoga Centers! Here you’ve got all in one. A comfortable atmosphere, for which you don’t have to care of. You can just arrive and enjoy the ceremony.


It is also possible to join a whole festival and have a spiritual cacao ceremony with a lot of people, feeling the vibes. In this case the ceremony will be in the nature.

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Health benefits of raw cacao


Did you ever ask yourself which nutrients are exactly in pure cacao

Sure, we have got an idea – but let’s get deeper into it!

Raw cacao went more known and popular the last year as a superfood. That occurs mainly on his many health benefits.

Raw Cacao needs a tropical climate to grow. So, the places, where it can be grown are rare. The highest productions are in West Africa.

Did you know, that there aren’t big productions who grow raw cacao? No, it is mostly harvested by smallholders.

Therefore, it is important not to confound raw cacao with the common cocoa bars you get in the supermarket.

Notice the difference of raw cacao!

Let’s have a look at the differences between raw cacao and cocoa.

When you have a look at the supermarket shelves you will see a huge choice of different chocolate bars, spread, cookies, cake etc. – that belong to the cocoa.


The purest chocolate you can eat is raw cacao, because the unroasted beans are processed cold. Because of that process the beans have so many health benefits.

On the other hand, cocoa is processed hot. And as we know, heat destroys for example a big part of micronutrients. After that the cocoa bars are produces industrial, with a lot of sugar and more non-natural ingredients.


Finally, there is a big amount of Nutrition Values in the raw cacao. Let’s have a detailed look at it!



The effect of Theobromine is comparable to the effect of caffeine, but not that strong, more long term and much milder.

Furthermore, it dilates blood vessels and prevent blood clots. [Suparni N1] 



Manly Flavonoids are known to strengthen the brain. Therefore, it is also important to elderly people.


Other nutrients are sulfur, copper, magnesium, calcium, iron, cobalt, boron, B vitamins and a high amount of protein.

Every single nutrient is a benefit for your health. In general, you can point out the following enumeration just as the beginning, because there are so many studies running to check out further positive effects of raw cacao.


·      Positive to the whole organism

·      Reduction of cataracts

·      Strengthens the heart

·      Supports the immune system

·      Calms down in your stressful everyday life

·      Reduces risk of cancer

·      Lowers blood pressure

·      Supports brain function

·      Supporting effect on hormonal and lymphatic system

·      Reduces the risk of diabetes

·      Reduces inflammation

·      And many more


Have a look at further health benefits of raw cacao.

What’s up with the thesis, that cacao can make you “high?”


Well, pure cacao can trigger extraordinary feelings, like high happiness for example. As you know, you can drink it in a spiritual ceremony in a higher concentration. You will get a very good feeling because of all the natural elements and nutrients in the raw cacao.

Have a look how to make your own sacred ceremonial cacao?



In this article, we underlined the health benefits of raw cacao. Many people don’t know that there are big nutritional differences between cacao and cocoa.

So, when you are in the supermarket, have a closer look at what you put in your shopping bin. Maybe there are healthier alternatives, which are much better for your health.

And keep in mind, that industrial produced chocolate works against your health.


Do you want to know more about the effectiveness of cacao?

Dive into it and apply for our cacao ceremony course!  

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