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...with the power of Cacao.

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  • connect deeply with yourself and others in an easy way
  • to open your heart more and experience more love and joy
  • connect with and balance your Yin and Yang energy
  • transform negative believes to what ever you desire
  • set your intention and shift in the way you want to
  • use writing to access your soul desires
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Some of our testimonials
"The writing exercises during the ceremony was so beautiful. I received so many amazing insights"
Joy Weijer
"I feel relaxt, calm and a deep trust. I am connected with ME again"
Koen Vloet
"This is exactly what I needed to let go of my emotions. Thank you so much! I feel so grateful"
Melissa Grobbink-Keizers


Founder & Cacao Ceremony Facilitator


Corona Meerman

Corona (yes, this is really her name) is the co-founder of CACAMO and is holding cacao ceremonies since 2017. It was Bali that showed her the magic and the power of cacao ceremonies. Her heart started to whisper (or actually scream): “Bring this to Europe” and so she did. She is organizing online and offline ceremonies through the whole of Europe.

She loves to take you on a journey towards the heart with her cacao ceremonies. It is her mission to bring more love and feminine qualities into the world: reflecting, take a break, feeling, trusting and surrendering. 

From thinking to feeling.
From doing to being. 

From forcing to flow.
From pressure to pleasure.


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