We truly believe in the power of 100% pure raw cacao. It is still something so unknown in the Western world. Most of us only know the chocolate bars from the supermarkt while in South America people know already for thousands and thousands of years the power of 100% pure raw cacao.

100% pure raw cacao is made by cold pressing non-roasted cacao beans. If you would roast the beans – like the normal chocolate bars in the supermarket – a lot of good nutritions are lost.

By 100% pure raw cacao so many good nutrients are kept inside like magnesium and antioxidants. It is even such a good replacer for coffee since cacao improves your focus and creativity instead of only a peak of energy which caffeine is doing.

Power of 100% pure raw cacao

Introducing the power of 100% pure raw cacao to Europe.

support bali

We choose to work with a local farmer who we know already many years. So we are directly in contact with our “Bali Cacao Family”, know them very well and know from our own – and many other – experience that they are making the most delicious cacao. 

Because of covid-19 and the restrictions the Balinese people are suffering from extreme income loss because their island is so depended on tourism. 

We are so grateful that in this way we can do something to support 28 Balinese families. 

Support Bali

CACAMO is supporting the local Balinese farmers.

the fouNders

Supi (from Germany and living most parts of the year in Bali) and Corona (from the Netherlands and living most parts of the year in Bali, Sweden or Portugal) are Bali forever grateful for all the support she gave them: trusting themselves, making decisions from their heart, jumping into the unknown and living the life that they always dreamed of. 

With CACAMO they feel they can give something back in 2 ways:

  1. Supporting the Balinese farmers in their income.
  2. Bringing the “Bali vibes” to Europe with this amazing soft and powerful cacao. So more people experience their connection with the heart, with love and can find a community to be part of (see our weekly cacao ceremonies). 

In 2017 they first started with offline Cacao ceremonies in Europe and Bali. From 2018 onwards they created an online teaching program to become a certified Cacao ceremony facilitator to make the cacao knowledge accessible to everyone. 

The outbreak of COVID19 made them realise that even online cacao ceremonies are so beautiful and helpful in these times. 

In 2020 they decided to help Balinese farmers on the current situation and export their most favourite ceremonial cacao to Europe, where ceremonial Cacao is most rare, to make it accessible to everyone to share the goddess liquid and its benefits.