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Cacao Ceremony Sunday 13th of February

Cacao Ceremony by Supi & Corona 

In this ceremony you will connect on a deeper level with your body, your heart and your voice. The ceremony will be a combination of meditation, kirtan (singing mantra’s) and ecstatic dance.

You will receive all the practical information (ZOOM link, how to make cacao etc.) in the email after registration.


What others are saying about the ceremony:

“I feel so grateful, open and relax”

“Alive, connected and powerful is how I would describe these ceremonies”

“This was EXACTLY what I needed to let go of my emotions” 

Cacao Ceremony Sunday 13th of February

Date: Sunday 13th of February

Time: 10.30 am CET (Amsterdam/Berlin time) – 12.00 pm

Cost: Single ticket: 14 Euro |

Monthly pass 33 euro (click here to get it)


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Additional information

About Supi & Corona

Supi and Corona are the founders of CACAMO, they are so passionate about Bali AND Cacao.

About Supi

Supi (from Germany and living most parts of the year in Bali)

About Corona

Corona (from the Netherlands and living most parts of the year in Bali, Sweden or Portugal) are Bali and the cacao forever grateful for all the support she gave them: trusting themselves, making decisions from their heart, jumping into the unknown and living the life that they always dreamed of.

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