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Cacao Ceremony Sunday 30th of January

Cacao Ceremony & Breathwork with Joyce

During this Breathwork & Cacao Ceremony I will guide you in finding your own rhythm. Every human has a unique breathing rhythm. My rhythm is different than yours. And yours is different than all the people around you. I love to guide you to your true essence. By connecting with your own natural breathing rhythm you will be able to ground into your own Greatness. Your essence. Who you truly are.
It’s the rhythm you received when you came to earth. What comes naturally.
In this Breathwork & Cacao Ceremony we combine Grounding practices & Heart opening practices. A sharing. Soft breathwork and pranayama exercises. Heart Opening stretches to open up to the Love & Lightness that is already within you. And some journal space to write down your experiences


You will receive all the practical information (ZOOM link, how to make cacao etc.) in the email after registration. 

Cacao Ceremony Sunday 30th of January

Date: Sunday 30th of January

Time: 10.30 am CET (Amsterdam/Berlin time) – 12.00 pm

Cost: Single ticket: 14 Euro |

Monthly pass 33 euro (click here to get it)


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About Joyce

Joyce is known for her calming voice & guidance in Cacao Ceremonies, Breathwork & Yoga. She guides you to your own breathing rhythm which supports you in living your life from your own terms. It’s all based on feeling, sensing and going deep inwards to understand who you are from the root and the heart. .

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