Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Course


Over 150 students already followed this course.

“This course is a true ceremony by itself. I feel so much trust and love in the course that Corona and Supi created.
I also really love it that I can study on my own moments and even before I finished the course I already facilitated a cacao ceremony for 55 people!” – Lonneke

“The Cacao Facilitator course came on my path out of nowhere: without any doubts, I started the course.
Because my heart told me to help others to (re-)connect with their souls and tune in with their bodies.
Supi & Corona are super helpful with their guidance. And on top of that: I met so many like-minded people from all over the world. This week I even co-host an offline cacao Ceremony event with one of my fellow students from the course. If you love cacao and want to spread more light and connection, this is your call!” – Shawn

“The course is so well developed with 11 modules. They all have a manual and video’s so I was able to understand EVERYTHING about cacao: from the history of cacao to the proces of making it to how to hold your own ceremony. I loved how the course fully supported me to start to give my first cacao ceremonies already during the course. I am also happy with the Facebook group with all the students – even now (a year later) we are still in contact with each other!” – Liese

“What I loved the most about the course is that I could follow it at my own pace and the combination of written manuals, videos, presentations and even online ceremonies together! It is a practical, loving and effective course. And last but definitely not least, you can feel the love that Corona and Supi have put in the proces of designing this course and assisting you in your learning.” – Kim

Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Course

Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Course

This course sets you up to know everything from cacao and ceremonies: 

You will learn

  • about the history of cacao ceremony and the process “from the cacao plant to the final cacao paste or powder”
  • about how to be a space holder and the structure of a ceremony
  • about music playlists, best places to buy cacao, how to set up a magical ceremony space about mixing in your own unique talents into the ceremony and how to how to set up your own business strategy, and much more!

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Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Course


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