Create your own Cacao ceremony at home

Did you ever wanted to learn:
“How could I hold a cacao ceremony for myself at home?”
“A cacao ceremony, what is that actually?”
“I would love to connect deeper with my heart, but I have no clue how?”
“I’ve joined already a few ceremonies, but I would love to know how to make cacao for myself and to do a little ceremony for myself”
Then join our course and learn:
– How to create your ceremonial space
– How to make your ceremonial cacao
– How to set an intention
– Drinking the cacao
– How to connect deeper with your heart and body
– How to close the ceremonial space
Our intention
We felt the calling to make cacao ceremonies more accessible for people in their homes. To create beautiful moments for yourself with cacao. To open your heart, to soften, to relax and feel into what is truly important for you.
Our intention is to keep the course as simple as possible and to give you the exact right tools to understand what an cacao ceremony is and how to create a ceremony for yourself at home.
We would love if more and more people are creating these moments so more love will be spread around the world.
 How does it work?
– Click on the button below and get your course (27 euro)
– Within 5 minutes after payment you will get an email with your login details for the course.
– You can go through the course in your own time and pace (in total it will take 1 hour)
– You will keep access to the course for 1 year.

Create your own Cacao ceremony at home

The course includes:
– The 6 steps described above. Each step has an own manual (2 to 3 pages) and a video (around 5 minutes per step)
– 3 guided meditations
– Cacao Ceremony Playlist
– Bonusses like 2 online cacao ceremonies


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