Black Obsidian Crystal

Black Obsidian
Black obsidian is formed by cooled volcanic lava.
This stone helps you to bring you back down to earth and is a powerful anchor.
It helps to shield you against negativity.
Obsidian is a strong insightful and cleansing stone and stimulates personal development It is a stone that reduces anxiety and clears (emotional) blockages within yourself.
It cleanses the aura field of disharmony, negative attachments, and feelings such as resentment and anger, fear, and greed.
Root / Muladhara
Turkey, Scotland, Peru, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Mexico, and Japan.


Obelisk – This shape will concentrate the energy of the crystal and radiates out from the top
S : 5 – 6 cm
M : 6 – 7 cm
L : 7  – 8 cm
Good to know:
These stones are a gift of Mother Earth. Each stone is unique and different.

Black Obsidian Crystal


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Small 5-6 cm, Medium 6-7 cm, Large 7-8 cm

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