Rose quartz Crystal

Rose quartz
Rose quartz stone is a beautiful combination with drinking cacao and will give you a double heart-opening effect.
Rose quartz is known for its softening and opening effect on your heart.
And is very suitable for stimulating giving and receiving love.
This stone offers a calming, comforting effect on sadness and traumas. And provides empathy, openness, and helpfulness.
It cleanses the aura field of disharmony, negative attachments, and feelings such as resentment and anger, fear, and greed.
Heart / Anahata
Brazil, Japan, India, Madagascar, United States.


Obelisk – This shape will concentrate the energy of the crystal and radiates out from the top
S : 5 – 6 cm
M : 6 – 7,5 cm
L : 7,5  – 9 cm
Good to know:
These stones are a gift of Mother Earth. Each stone is unique and different.

Rose quartz Crystal


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Small 5-6 cm, Medium 6-7,5 cm, Large 7,5-9 cm

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