Full Moon Cacao Ceremony 9th of September

Full Moon Cacao Ceremony
Within the ceremony, it is received with an invocation and recognition of the 4 elements to open the sacred and safe space
We will connect to this Full moon energy with Cacao by being led into some breathwork, journaling, chanting and free movement.
There will be a moment of energetic vocalization to connect with our main centers and release our most authentic and real sound, allowing us to explore singing as a divine healing tool used for centuries and allowing us to arrive into alignment.
We will end up with a soundhealing journey of quartz bowls and other harmonizing instruments to integrate our experiences and connect with the state of meditation.
You will receive all the practical information (ZOOM link, how to make cacao etc.) in the email after registration.

Full Moon Cacao Ceremony 9th of September

Date: Friday 9th of September

Time: 8 pm CET (Amsterdam/Berlin time) – 9.30 pm

Cost: Single ticket: 14 Euro |

Monthly pass 33 euro (click here to get it)


Additional information

About Paula

Paula is a medicine singer, actress, yoga instructor, holistic therapist and Sound healer.

The intention of her circles with medicine music and mantras is to find our true profound voices, releasing and healing what our own instruments need to express in order to connect through our vibrations.

Sound and vibration, along with the Ancestral medicine of Cacao allow a light to shine and guide our way transcending the shadows, connecting to the language of love with an expansive heart.

Her mission is to allow us to embrace our totality to begin the journey into the introspection and self acceptance with unconditional love, and creating space for our True Self to arise.

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