Gift package Grounding

With this Grounding gift package, you will receive some beautiful products to ground yourself more and more.
Cacao has besides its heart-opening effect also a very grounding effect. It will let you connect with and to relax your body. Drinking cacao will help you open up to the wisdom of your body and to feel connected with Mother Earth.
Balipura Grounding spray enhances our connection with Mother Earth, brings stability & strength. Feel more stable & empowered. Grounding aura spray prevents us from staggering in difficult situations by activating and strengthening the lower chakras.
The grounding energy of Black obsidian crystal is a beautiful combination with drinking cacao. This stone helps you to bring you back down to earth and is a powerful anchor. It helps to shield you against negativity.

Gift package Grounding

Gift package Grounding:
– 120g Cacamo Cacao
– Balipura Aura spray- Grounding
– Black obsidian crystal – small size
A beautiful gift for yourself or for someone else. Nicely wrapped, so it will be a true gift to open it.


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