Gift package Pure love

With this Pure Love gift package, you will receive some beautiful products to open your heart more and more.
Cacao is known for its heart-opening effect. It will let you sink into your heart and you will be able to hear her whispers more clearly.
Balipura Pure Love spray will enhance unconditional love and open the Heart Chakra to compassion & understanding. It amplifies and harmonizes love and understanding. It assists the transition from defensiveness or blockage to compassion, integration, and expansion… this allows you to more easily experience unconditional love and harmony.
Rose quartz stone is a beautiful combination with drinking cacao and will give you a double heart-opening effect. Rose quartz is known for its softening and opening effect on your heart. And is very suitable for stimulating giving and receiving love.

Gift package Pure love

Gift package Pure love:
– 120G Cacamo Cacao
– Balipura Aura spray- Pure love
– Rose Quartz crystal – Small size
A beautiful gift for yourself or for someone else. Nicely wrapped, so it will be a true gift to open it.


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