New Moon Cacao Ceremony 26th of September

Cacao Ceremony

This ceremony will be about connecting to your essence.
In life we seem to be our bodies, our work, our possessions, our roles.
Who are you if you let go of all that can be seen. All that can be judged. Al that you have been taught.

Join me in a ceremony that’s guides you to your true essence!


You will receive all the practical information (ZOOM link, how to make cacao etc.) in the email after registration. 

New Moon Cacao Ceremony 26th of September

Date: Monday 26th of September

Time: 8 pm CET (Amsterdam/Berlin time) – 9.30 pm

Cost: Single ticket: 14 Euro |

Monthly pass 33 euro (click here to get it)


Additional information

About Gonnie

Gonnie is a Leadership coach & spaceholder. Her mission is to bring more magic into this world. She will guide you to step into your greatness by connecting to your magic. She believes everyone can live a magical life. She is well known to set a circle of trust and guidance and guide you in beautiful inner journeys.

About Shawn

Shawn is a cacao facilitator and breathwork coach. Her mission is to help and fully support women in healing their unhealed parts through breathwork, cacao and coaching. These body focussed methods will help you to shed all layers that no longer serve you. So you can finally meet your authentic self.
You gotta nourish to flourish: Make self-care #1 again!

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