Supporting balinese farmers

Supporting Balinese Farmers in COVID times

CACAMO joined a local politician event in Bali to speak up for Balinese farmers and support the farming industry by convincing the minister of the economy to increase investments for the farmers.


The FORUM KAB/KOTA KREATIF BALI (Creative Economy Bali)

It was Monday, the 7th of June when CACAMO and a bunch of farmers from West Bali were invited to the forum Bali Creative Economy, created by the government of Indonesia and Indonesia Creative Cities Network (ICCN). Additionally, important politicians like the minister of Economy for small business and the mayor of West Bali were invited to talk together about how Balinese farmers can be supported and boost the economy with farming, in this COVID-19 crisis, where still min 70% of the economy is on hold because that’s usually come from the tourism that is still missing out to closed borders.

CACAMO was invited as the only foreign guest

The community leaders of our Bali Cacao collective called Supi in the morning full of excitement that they got invited and should present themselves in front of the ministers to actually pitch for more investment money. 

At the same time, they asked me to join as a testimonial and client of them to show and demonstrate that they could achieve way more with exports if they would have the right machines, equipment and licence. 

An evening with the politicians of Bali

While we were waiting for more than 1 hour for the 10 politicians, who have been on a field visit around Bali before, Supi from CACAMO had the chance to get an overview of the situation of many farmers in Bali. From seaweed farmers, Coconut farmers, fruit and vegetable farmers, cacao farmers and many more. They all started during COVID-19 to work as farmers again, where they actually come from. When tourism stopped, so their world stopped, their work stopped. And after a while, they realized they need to find outer solutions. That’s what the government want to support as well, and this forum was created to come together and find the most common sense for both sides.

We got invited

Cacamo as important export partner

To tell our experience and needs for Bali Cacao

CACAMO speaks about the good collaboration with the Cacao farmers

While all farmers had to speak in front of the 10 ministers and politicians, what they are doing and where they are struggling the most, Supi from CACAMO had to speak from the other side as a client, how we collaborate with the farmers, our experience with export and the Balinese collaboration and our future expectations. 

More support for Balinese farmers

In the end, the ministers signed a contract to agree on more investment into the farmers in West Bali. A lot of handshakes between the politicians and Supi and the farmers, and all politicians were super surprised and happy about our product and especially the design. 

An important day for us and the cacao farming industry!

Do you want to support our farmers as well? You can do it simply by investing in our delicious cacao

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