So let’s start with the chocolate bars you get in every supermarket. 
Standard chocolate, directly out of the supermarket, is a mixed cocoa mass with a lot of industrial sugar. Mostly common as chocolate bars. For sure every chocolate is different – maybe there are some with less sugar etc.

But just to give you a perspective: This is not the cacao we are attracted to.
Contrary, we try to get people to have a super close look at raw cacao and all its benefits.
Cacamo Cacao for example is made by a local farm in Bali. The high quality of this cacao is unique.

So what are the reasons cacao is more expensive than regular chocolate? 

Super complex procedure

Did you know that cacao is harvested out of a cacao fruit. This is not possible in a production line. So every fruit is harvested, got to be opened to get the cacao beans and the pulp out. Furthermore the beans and the pulp are going to be fermented for more or less one week. In this week the farmers have to stir regularly, so that it’s not getting too hot. 
After this procedure the beans drie. Now they have to carefully break the beans to finally get their cores.
Until now it is already very complex. And it goes on.
The cores are going through a grinder with a special temperature. This must be controlled, so it can only be done manually. 

It is also not common that the cacao still contains the butter. You won’t find butter in any chocolate bars in the supermarket – the butter is removed and fat is added. For sure the butter is one of the most important ingredients in our handmade raw cacao paste.

What you get out of this super complex procedure is a handmade raw cacao paste. 

Why is it so complex? 
The procedure of raw cacao is handmade and local.
All this is necessary to get the best out of the cacao which is harvested. The result is high healthy ingredients that don’t get lost during an industrial production or procedure. 

The high healthy ingredients

Antioxidants are the key of raw cacao. And it includes a lot of it.  
They are good for the balance of the cholesterol level. It’s reducing a possible heart attack or apoplexie and is also lowering blood pressure.
Good news also is that the antioxidants are good for the skin. And these are such a few aspects of these super healthy ingredients.
If you want to have a closer look check out all the health benefits of raw cacao.
Let’s sum it up until now. Raw cacao is more expensive because of the super complex procedure and the high healthy ingredients. 

The last point contains the import of raw cacao. Let’s look at the raw CACAMO cacao that is harvested in Bali. It is a unique one and can be ordered from everywhere. 

So you can order original Balinese high-end food from Bali to everywhere in the world. 
Add this up with the procedure of the production and the super healthy nutrition, and you have the answer why raw cacao is more expensive than the surgery industrial chocolate bars from the supermarket.
If you want to dive deeper into the world of our CACAMO cacao, have a look at our online cacao ceremony course.


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When it comes to superfoods, cacao can’t be left out. With more than 1,200 different chemical ingredients, cacao beans are one of the richest and most complex foods man know. We have collected 10 health facts about this powerful beans you should know:


Cacao consumes serotonin, dopamine, tryptophan and anandamide. All of them have a mood-lifting effect on us humans and can enhance our sense of well-being.


The flavonoids in cacao dilate blood vessels, which lowers blood pressure and increases energy. They also help regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels and are a weight loss approach that improves cardiovascular health.


Cacao as a superfood contains 40 times more antioxidants than blueberries. They can protect against cellular damage caused by free radicals, known as oxidative stress.

one of the richest and complex foods




There are also huge amounts of Phenylethylamine (PEA) raw cacao. PEA serves as an energy booster and increases alertness and concentration.


Cacao increases high-density lipoprotein levels(HDL).HDL, the so-called “good cholesterol”, and the higher the level, the lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Daily consumption of raw cacao, like cacao paste, can reduce wrinkles and improve the elasticity of women’s skin. – That’s what recent  studies have shown.


Raw cacao has more calcium than cow’s milk, up to 160 mg per 100g. Quantitatively, calcium is the most important mineral in the human body. Almost 100% of calcium is contained in bones and teeth – it keeps bones and teeth stable.


The alkaloid theobromine, found in cacao, is thought to block     the action of sensory nerves and interrupt the cough reflex.         In addition, it also has a similar effect on the human organism      as caffeine, which boosts alertness.


Cacao beans are by far the highest vegetable source of iron,     containing 46.8 mg/100g, while spinach, which is said to be rich in iron contains only 4.1 mg/100g.


Cacao is also among the top performers when it comes to magnesium. It contains up to 500 mg/100g which is why cacao can also relieve the symptoms of PMS.


As you can see, cacao is a real superfood. By replacing your morning coffee with a big cup of warm cacao (out of cacao paste) you have all the ingredients to start your day full of energy. Also have a look at our recipes, there you will find many healthy creations you can incorporate into your day.


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