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Content Creator, Logistics

Kimberley is the soul behind Cacamo’s beautiful posts and send you all the delicious cacao in person.

I love to be in nature, to slow down and to simply be. To travel together with my husband Richard and dog Kelso in our van. Beside the things I do for Cacamo I’m also a yoga teacher and cacao ceremony facilitator.

My first meeting with the spirit of cacao felt magical. A whole new feeling of connection with my heart like I never felt before. The spirit of cacao teaches me to go inward and feel my hearts longings. And to take the steps in life to follow that longings. It also made it easier and safer for me to connect with others in a more open and loving way.

My favorite cacao recipe: First I brew some tea with different herbs like: lavender, verbena and rose. Then I add the tea to the cacao and it’s ready!
My favorite moment to drink cacao is in ceremony. It’s makes it so special!



About me:
My passion for ICT started when I was a kid. Back then I already loved working on the computer and figuring things out. I really feel grateful that now as an adult I made my work out of it. Helping conscious entrepreneurs and businesses with all their ICT stuff. Building websites, giving remote support with technical problems, creating online trainings/courses, creating a mail flow with Mailblue and many more.

My connection with cacao:
When I drink cacao I feel more connection with myself and with others. I feel how the cacao opens my heart and that it creates a safe space to be vulnerable and to share what wants to be shared. My favorite cacao moments are in front of our fireplace with my beloved, Kimberley.

Favorite recipe:
I like to drink the cacao very plain. Just cacao, water and oatmilk. Sometimes I use some spices or herbs like cardamom, lavender and rose.

Our Facilitators

Our facilitator team is growing. Every week, we are offering online (and sometimes offline) cacao ceremonies.

Each host is offering his special skills and service. Check our beautiful, talented team.

Angelika Hartmann


Hi, I am Angelika. I am from Austria but considering myself as a world kid. It’s people, who make me feel home, rather than places.

I am a Yoga teacher, weaving some elements of NUAD and Reiki into my classes. I truly believe that Yoga is for everyone. Thinking of Yin & Yang complementing each other so perfectly, I am teaching Ashtanga and Yin Yoga. Apart from these two, I am also passionate about supporting Mamas during their pregnancy towards a fearless and empowered birth and later on, on their postpartum healing journey.

After teaching in studios in Austria and Singapore, my dream of my own little Yoga Shala (Matlove Yoga) manifested with moving to Den Haag. I love to create a warm and connecting space, where people feel home, safe and supported to unfold their own unique path.

Cacao came as the missing piece into my life, both for work and my personal journey. During an intense time of transition, it gently helped me to call all my parts home.

Since then, I regularly have a cup of love – during ceremonies, for setting a weekly intention, ending a day peacefully or as a creative booster. Cacao always warms my heart, making the shift from thinking to feeling so effortless.

My favourite recipe is simple and pure. Water, a dash of almond milk, Cacamo’s cacao and a tiny bit of chili powder.

I am deeply grateful for the beautiful Cacamo tribe and feeling blessed to be part of it.

Esther verloop


Hi, my name is Esther Verloop. I am naturopathic holistic coach who uses natural medicine, cacao, meditation, oracle cards, Human Design and yoga to help you return to your core, who you truly are. I’m very happy to combine cacao with my other knowledge about the magic of nature to help you feel the feelings inside your heart, to help you connect with your heart longings and feel the light inside yourself. So that you can heal yourself and that you feel strong and supported from within to choose your rhythm, your flow, your life.

Traveling with cocoa has made me feel the enormous amount of love in myself again. Which has made my life so much richer. And every time I feel grateful that I can also connect with other people with the infinite abundance of love with the help of cacao.

Every cacao journey is a surprise and at the same time a beautiful magical experience.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or just want to share something with me!



Femke Smit


About me:

I am a relationshipcoach and together with my husband, I helps couples to keep the love alive between each other. To reconnect them with their joyfull aliveness and to help them remember why life is even more beautiful if you grow together.

My connection with cacao:
Cacao is my moment of selflove. It let’s me feel what is living inside of me, connects me with my heart and gives me a lot of inspiration and creativity! I’m offering cacaoceremonies in combination with singing bowls, to make a deeper connection with the heart and the silence inside of you to find the answers that are already there.

My favorite recipe:

Cacao from Cacamo. Tea of anise or rose, cinnamon, cardamon, vanilla extract, and cayenne pepper. I really love drinking it in the morning!

I ‘receive’ a lot of ideas for my business drinking the cacao so that’s for me very valuable insight!

Joyce Mol


Hi, my name is Joyce Mol. I am a Breathwork Expert & Certified Yoga Teacher. I focus on HeartWork and GroundWork. Opening the heart, creating breathing space and grounding with a solid foundation in the body. This helps human beings to live their life fully from their hearts with a safe feeling in their body & breath. Breathing naturally without forcing it from the mind. I love it to give human beings the feeling that they are carried by their own breath.

For Cacamo Cacao I host Cacao Ceremonies online & during the offline sessions we also use the Special Ceremonial Cacao from Cacamo. It’s my passion to connect people with their heart and soul feelings. The raw ceremonial cacao helps human beings to open their heart and ground within. Grounding is one of the most important elements in my sessions. Giving a solid foundation to the fire element in the body.

The raw ceremonial cacao is a medicine from Mother Earth. The taste, will bring them to a place of love & lightness and helps them to ground. In the ceremonies I share about the cacao, how it supports your health, inspiration, creativity and the connection with yourself and others. When we drink the cacao I always add in a little sharing moment where everyone is able to share their intentions. We always start with a meditation and appreciation to the Cacao Medicine of Mother Earth that we receive. To be able to smell and feel what the medicine is bringing up to mind & heart.

I am guiding human beings to their natural breathing rhythm with Breathwork. Sometimes I add some deep yin stretches to let them connect a little deeper in the body and feel into the connective tissues where space can be created with love and lightness.

My sessions are mostly guided with sound healing (crystal bowls, tongue drum and hangdrum in the live ceremonies with Lisa).

My favorite time to drink ceremonial cacao is during the ceremonies of course with an intention. Sharing the medicine with loving people. I love to use it in groups, before breathwork & yoga. But I am also a great fan of drinking ceremonial cacao during my feminine periods as a mood booster.

My favorite recipe is:
– 40 grams of Raw Cacao
– Water (infused water with herbal tea) a friend of my makes her own herbal teas and I love to combine the cacao with ‘feminine power’ tea. 
– Cinnamon
– Ginger
– Cardemom 
– Essential oil (orange) 



Hi, I am Koen, I am a transformational coach, guide you in breath work and mediation. My souls mission is to connect you with your heart and let you follow your heart desires. Let you believe in you!

I remember my first cacao ceremony like it was yesterday, during a retreat where I connected with my inner self. Corona guiding the ceremony and she and the cacao let me connect with my heart. So I can get to my true feelings. The warmt of mother nature opens my heart and it helps me to get trough my feelings so I can embrace them for guiding me in my life.

My favourite way to drink the cacao is with just a tiny bit of cardamom; nice, soft and warm, not to thick and not to thin. At any moment of the day. And I love the ceremony’s with a lot of people drinking together. And also as an energy boost before a long walk or cycling.

One of the most important insight that the cacao gives is: what ever your heart tells you, and you wil follow her guidance, you handle with love, than you will do the right thing.



I am a transformational coach. I have a soft, loving and warm approach and it is my souls mission to connect people. Connect them to their hearts, their intuition, their loved ones, and to the earth.

When Koen and I had our first date he brought cacao. We drank a cup and set some intentions and it was so magical. That moment I really felt the power of the cacao for the first time. The connection with myself and with Koen. 

And since that moment I was addicted to it! The taste, the feeling, it is such an amazing product. And I am so grateful that cacamo gave me the opportunity to share this with others. To let them also experience this feeling of being so connected.

I love my cacao pure, so I can taste just the cacao. But I also love to add (essential oils) like lavender or wild orange. And some chilli or cinnamon.

I can drink it any time of the day, when I feel I need some extra energy. And I regularly plan a ceremony with myself, to connect and set intentions for the coming days or weeks. I usually do this in the morning.

One of the most important insights the cacao gave me is that if I am silent, if I pay attention, I can heart my heart and intuition speak to me. And they know, they have all the answers I need. Such a beautiful realisation and feeling!



My name is Larissa and I help people to be more present, in the here and now. So that you can feel the connection with your beautiful body (again)!

I teach Slow Hatha Yoga with the focus on letting go and feeling fulfilled.  I also coach people through Reiki healings, meditations, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama practices and off course through the Cacao ceremony’s.

My first meeting with cacao (in the form you drink it during cacao ceremony’s) was during a women’s circle sharing. I felt an overwhelmed feeling of love and passion. For myself and for everything around me. I immediately felt in love with the cacao.

I like my cacao drink strong. Mostly I drink it like a espresso, so a small amount but very strong  I like to drink the cacao in the morning so it can help me bring my attention directly from my head to my heart. I always pick a card from my oracle deck when I’m drinking cacao. The message I receive then are so clear.

The connection you get when you are drinking the cacao together is so beautiful!

Sometimes there are no words needed. Just being together, drinking cacao in silent. But I also like to sing along with mantra’s!

The most important insight I received during a cacao ceremony from Corona, was that everything is connected. We are all one, all made of love and full of love. From the inside and from the outside.



Hi, my name is Lisa Knibbeler. I am inspired to connect people with themselves, their body’s, and with others. This I do in my work as a yogateacher, during workshops and retreats, and in my work at the Handpanshop, where I help people find their best match with a new handpan.

I first got in contact with cacaoceremonies when Corona asked me if she could do her first ceremonies in my living room. Of course I said yes, and a few beautiful evenings with cacao and dance followed. My heart opened to new possibilities in my life and the simple joy of being alive was running through my body.

The more traditional cacao I make is with water, something sweet like datesirup and herbs like cinnamon, thym, cardamon, curcuma, ginger and chili. If I go for a more fancy cup of cacao then I go for a bit more sweet cacaodrink with a lot of plantbased milk foam on top.

I’d like to drink my cacao in the morning at home, or at any ceremony…



Dear sweet heart!

Thank you for taking out the time to read my profile at this very moment.

In the beginning of 2020 I discovered cacao at a ceremony in Breda @Klaver Vier. It really changed my life. I feel so much more connected to my heart since I am drinking cacao. I use cacao for different reasons. Sometimes it is to get a creative flow going. And sometimes I feel some emotions are stuck in my body and I use cacao in a ceremonial way to open up my heart. 

In the cacao ceremonies that I facilitate I find it very important to sit in a circle. I really feel the urge to work with what is present at the moment. How do you physically feel at the moment? What emotions come up? By sharing what it is that we are feeling, while others are present and receive what you are saying, so much more can be healed. And it works both ways, hearing someone honestly sharing and creating that safe space for them, heals so much in you. In my ceremonies there is a good balance between connecting with yourself and from there connecting with those other beautiful souls you are sitting in the circle with. Connecting with another individual while looking in their eyes, holding their hands and speaking in turns. And showing yourself in the circle while sharing your intention. Being silent can also be a very good intention to share. In my ceremonies I love to use different card decks, elements of the season that we are in at that moment and crystals. 

During a cacao ceremony with myself, I received the following insight. When we see the pain that is stored in our heart and we can let go of that pain, emptiness occurs. This can feel very new and scary. I’ve learned that this emptiness can only truly be filled with unconditional self love. Cacao helps me to return to that unconditional loving feeling. 

My favorite recipe for cacao is very simple. Cacamo cacao & Oat Ley Bio milk. Sometimes I make a very thick cacao and sometimes it is more thin. I love the plain taste of cacao with no herbs in it. I don’t use recipes. I connect with the cacao while I make it, by holding it in front of my heart and asking how much cacao may I use today.

The best moments for me to drink cacao are in the morning or early afternoon. 


Paula Cugnata



I consider myself to be an alchemist of the creative spirit, unifying my passions for art and sound with spiritual tools and plant allies that allows us to access our true selves and own inner guidance. I am a Medicine singer, actress, yoga instructor, holistic therapist and Sound healer, also facilitating different cacao circles, ceremonies and experiences.

– The intention of my circles with medicine music and mantras is to find our true profound voices, releasing and healing what our own instruments need to express in order to connect through our vibrations. my mission is to allow us to embrace our totality to begin the journey into the introspection and self acceptance with unconditional love, and creating space for our True Self to arise.

Favorite recipe:
– 30g Cacao
a pinch of rose petals (for infused water)
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon cardamom
½ teaspoon maca powder
½ teaspoon ginger
a pinch of cayenne pepper
Teaspoon of Tahini or vanilla extract
opc: reishi or lionsmane fungi powder

– Favorite momento to drink cacao: mornings to start off my day together with breathwork, meditation, journaling.

also sometimes going to see sunrise by the river with cacao and offering some songs to the land

– The path of working with Cacao helped me remind myself about my gifts and purpose, and encouraged me to share them with the world. As Cacao emanates love, She awakens the world, inspiring and calling us to bring presence and love to our lives. She reminds us that what is truly important can be found with ease, in simplicity and in constant relationship and reciprocity to the elements, and Mother Earth herself.



The cacao plant first came to me in ceremonial form in the summer of 2018. Since then I integrated it into my personal life, in regular reflection moments, getting familiar to the effects and taste variations. 2020 brought a new impulse, as I started joining mantra singing circles where cacao was shared as well.

As a facilitator I see cacao as a red carpet towards the heart. It offers a soft and warm path, which you cross at your own pace and to your own depth. In ceremony I currently like to use meditation, breath and journaling to help walk that path, and I’m always looking to expand my toolbox.

My favourite recipe makes the soft cacao from Cacamo even more gentle. Lavender, rose petals, dandelion and other herbs come together in a tea which I brew before adding the cacao. I like to keep it pure, natural and vegan: just water, herbs and cacao.

While I regularly have warm cacao in a carry-on bottle without others aware, I enjoy drinking it the most when in company. Especially around a fire in one of the (mantra) singing circle.

It’s in these circles that cacao offers the dearest insights and experiences. From giving expression to sadness, to feeling such a deep connection to everyone and everything around me. All is valid and all is welcome.



Hi dear one who is reading this.

My name is Veerle Schoenmakers and i am from The Netherlands and i organise mantra/ medicine song circles throughout the Netherlands and online for Cacamo. Next to this i give Reiki Treatments and Reiki Courses in a very cute place close to Breda.

My connection to the cacao from Cacamo is my deep love for Bali. I was always looking for a way to support Bali and i am really grateful that throughout makeing music and giving Cacao ceremonies with Cacamo Cacao i found a way that fits perfectly to support Bali.

My favorite recipe:
To be honest my favorite way to use Cacamo Cacao is to makeing a ceremony of it. I never weigh anything and i always tune in how much of everything i put in, but it is something like this:

40g Cacamo Cacao
1 cup of oat milk
1/2 cup of sage tea
2 tea spoons Maple Cyrup
Some cinnamon
A pinch of salt
A pinch of Chili powder
Lots of beautuiful intentions and love 🙂

Whenever i have my cacao i love to work with an oracle deck or guidance carts and really take the time to meditate and sing mantra music.

A realisation i had during a ceremony is, everything is possible and already here. We only have to see it.

Feel free to reach out!



Hi, my name is Wies.

I’m happy to share my passion for mantra’s, cacao, and soundhealing with you!

I love to help you to discover your own unique sound and free yourself from tension and blockages, so that you can sing freely and connect with your own (inner)voice and heart.

You will not only get the benefits out of it during the ceremony but also take it with you in daily life, to feel your power and speak your truth from the heart.

I discovered the magic of mantra’s, cacao & soundhealing in Bali, when I lived there for 1,5 year in 2018-2019, searching for the connection with my own inner voice.

My favorite moment to drink cacao is in the morning or before mantra’s or ecstatic dance in ceremony.

I love the Bali cacao from Cacamo so much! Especially with some cinnamon and chili to spice it up a bit.



You have something to share and would wish to facilitate an online cacao ceremony with us, send us a message



You have something to share and would wish to facilitate an online cacao ceremony with us, send us a message